Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Doll Museum

Hello honeys!

A few days ago I was at my parent's place and I visited a Barbie-specific museum.
I really felt nostalgic, because I used to collect Barbies as well. I even saw a few I used to have.
Here's the link. *clicky* It's in German however. 
I do have an obsession with dolls!

Now to the pictures.


Kimono Barbies! Love the hairstyles. haha

 Indian Barbies. Their eyes are really pretty!

I love how this Skipper had rooted eyelashes.

Vivienne Westwood for Life Ball

Jackie Kennedy

Psychedelic 70's! I LOVE the colours!!

Trashy 90s Christmas Barbie

That's it!
xoxo Pato