Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Netherlands Day 7-11


This is the last part of my journey to the Netherlands. I want to go back already! (;´д` )

On the seventh day we went to Den Haag~ Irene introduced me to lots of cheap-ish shops! I love cheap shops in NL. We had lunch at Dutch fries with peanut sauce, mayonaise and onion. Love it! (σ^▽^)σ

We ate dessert at a place called Cheescake Company! I had summer berries cheesecake~

In a side street we found a cute Asian accessories shop! I bought quite some stuff there. (●>v<●)

Here's what I got:

Crafty stuff and lovely stickers~

Cute drippy strawberry keychain mirror and a nice cross necklace! ♪(゚▽^*)ノ⌒☆

Lovely ear piercings and a sailor-esque brooch~


On Monday we stayed at home playing games on the Playstation and doing crafty stuff~ I drafted some patterns for bigger sized BJDs.

That day I also had to send away some stuff I bought in NL because my luggage would've been overweight if not. Lol~ (*^_^;)


Tuesday was a day I've been really looking forward to! I met up with my friends Gerby and Mika and we went on a shopping spree in Amsterdam.
I kinda regret not bringing the cam to that trip..

I bought some nice cardigans at River's Island. God I LOVE that shop! Still need to take pics~

After some time walking through Amsterdam, to several clothes, books and shoe stores we had dinner at some random asian-esque whatever place! The food there was.. okay.
I had some weird soup with egg and rice and fried rice with chicken.

After that we thought it'd be fun to go have some cocktails at a bar. Of course I had to take the cocktail with the most ridiculous name ever: Red Panties.
(>ω<*)ノ ♥

I had lots of fun that day! Was nice to meet people you only know via the interwebz in person!~


Time passed by so quickly and it was the 13th already. That day I had to pack my suitcase and get some cheese prezzies! My plane left at 9.40 pm-ish.

While waiting at the airport I got myself some iced café latte at Starbucks.

My plane had some delay and I arrived at around 11.30 pm-ish in Munich.
I finally got home at 3 am. Ugh~~ Exhausing trip!


I really enjoyed my stay in NL and it was so nice meeting new people there! I also really liked the landscape: FLATNESS! haha~ However I want to go there again sometime!

Thanks for reading!

Pato ♥


  1. i love your blog!
    I happen to visit Den Haag tommorrow and I would reaaally love to know where exactly you got those lovely earrings?

  2. Thanks! x3
    Sorry this might be too late. I got them from a shop called Reve, it was some side street in Den Haag. I don't really have no orientation. XD So I can't really remember where it was! ;w;

  3. Wow I live in the netherlands and found your blog while I was googling stuff about Kyary! SO COOL U VISITED THE NETHERLANDS!<3 :D It's quite an honor (since many people rather go to other places in europe I guess..) hahaha xD
    Have a nice day <3 x3

  4. Ooo! That cheesecake looks scrummy! I have those exact sweets stickers too, I liked them so much I bought 3 packs. Hehe! That mirror and comb earring set is lovely!