Saturday, 24 December 2011

Today's Christmas Eve!

Hello there.

Today's Christmas Eve! Eek! (´・ω・)ノ★*゚

Sorry I didn't really feel like blogging the last few weeks.
My life's quite busy with school, work and friends.

However I'm currently working on my historical roccoco costume in school. It's going quite well. Of course it's a shitload of work but I knew that before I even started.
The design changed a bit though. I went for a softer look focusing on creamy white and apricot. It's still gonna be clustered with pearls and lace though.

By the way I must have had my first blog anniversary without even noticing it. Haha :D Wish I'd be as active and inspired as I was when I began blogging.
I'm planning to go to NL again in the semester holidays! It was a kind of spontaneous idea. I'm working on a coat for my mom's friend and a vest for another friend of hers. So that's gonna at least cover the flight. Pretty excited actually. I didn't book yet but I'm planning the trip atm. Still need to decide where to stay for the most practical reasons.
My friend Mali worked on a BJD face up for me for some time. I told her I want something gyaru-inspired. I'm really happy with the result so I decided to share it here!


And last but not least a recent pic of myself. My hairstyle is so versatile! It's short everywhere but on the top. So I can style it, leave it unstyled, curl it, slick it back or whatever!

I love my fake fox fur scarf! H&M

Enjoy your holidays!

aka. Merry Christmas.


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  1. You look awesome, and the roccoco costume looks amazing! You're so talented... *-*

    Happy New Year! ^o^