Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bored with my hair..

Hello there fellow blog readers!
I promised I'd post about my "new" hairstyle, right?

So here it is..

I'm not really satisfied with it to be honest. I would have expected my hairstylist to persuade me to do something more outrageous with my hair. Usually she convinces me to try out something new but this time it seems like she didn't. It's so hard to find a hairdresser that knows what kind of hair change you need. Seems like I'll have to find a new salon.. (;´ρ`)

All she did was trimming a bit and shaving an undercut.. \(--)/ I was planning on getting a straight fringe again but she kind of opposed that idea because her boyfriend was waiting for her outside. Professional.. not! Bleh~~

Whatevs, next time I'll get something more fancy again!

Thanks for reading!



  1. aw your new hair so nice! ^O^

  2. Wha, she didn't cut a straight fringe even when you asked for it?!... What a jerk...
    Your hair still looks awesome, but of course you'd get dissapointed when you wanted a new haircut and only get some trimming... =/

  3. Ur hair still looks awesome!