Wednesday, 29 December 2010

I want to fill myself with sweet things only..

Wouldn't we all want to do that? Well obviously we can't because we'd end up looking like pigs.

Anyways. Here's the promised post! ♥ ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Recently I did some more Sweets Deco stuff and I finally got around taking pictures today. I also tried macarons for the first time! They didn't turn out as I wanted them to but they're still okay I think. Let me know what you think!

Work in progress

Pile of donuts!

My beloves heart-shaped cookies

Macaron with jelly

Macarons with whipped cream

Cupcake ring

This is a handsewn bonbon brooch

Starry night-themed box decoration

Kitty likes creamy cream ♥ ♥ ♥

I claim copyright for all the pictures.

Well that's it for now~ Today was really great. I took pics of Rielle in the dress, photographed the Deco stuff and even muffins for the first time in my life!! I might share pics of that too ♥



  1. die macarons sind echt toll geworden, aber irgendwie gefallen sie mir mit schlagobers doch besser! *_*

    und was hat es mit dem löffel auf sich?
    hast du das sahnehäubchen just for fun drauf gemacht, oder ist der löffel vielleicht teil einer kette?

  2. Dankeschön! <3 Naja im Moment ist es nur ein Löffel mit Sahnehäubchen aber ich wollte ne Kette daraus machen! *w* Der Löffel ist von meiner Oma geklaut! XD;