Sunday, 8 May 2011

The silence before the storm

Hello dear followers!


My finals are approaching and I'm really busy with studying at the moment, therefore I don't have much time nor passion to blog.. I also can't think of anything else but school at this time.. Can't wait for summer! Excuse my annoying whining~ (*´ο`*)=3

However this weekend was really relaxing though!
On Friday I went shopping to local stores and bought two pairs of jeans and two scarves. I love bargain shopping~ I only paid 25€ for the stuff.

Later that day, my godmother and her kids came by and we celebrated my belated birthday! I got some coupons for shops and we had ice cream. I know I shouldn't eat that much sweets but I need energy for the leaving exams.

This weekend I also dyed my hair again. I was tired of my roots and just dyed brown all over my hair again. I'll go get a new hairstyle sometime soon too! I just want them to grow a little longer.

I also love the weather outside lately! And all the prettiness of the nature~ Forget-me-nots in our garden~ I love this shade of blue! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

Thank you for reading!

Patrick ☆ミ

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  1. Ohh, the ice cream looks delicous! Fruit, ice cream and chocolate = total win, hahaha :P!

    I think this haircolor suits you very much, it makes your skin look über fair, like a porcelain doll, hehehe :)! Love!