Saturday, 21 May 2011

Shopping time ☆

Hello dearest followers!
How are you?


My final exams have started and the first week is over! I survived~ I hope I passed accounting.. (*´ο`*)=3

However today I went shopping with my mom and my sister.. after AGES! I can't even remember when I went shopping for the last time.. (;´ρ`)


Here's what I got:

☆彡 Red Cardigan, Mickey Mouse Shirt

☆彡 Mint Long-sleeved Shirt

☆彡 Polka Dot Polo Shirt

☆彡 Dark Blue Sailor-ish Hoodie

☆彡 H&M Conscious Collection Bag, Notebook, Rose Stickers, Earphones and a Cotton-Candy Lipsmacker

It was a nice day! I was gonna post a pic of me too but I'm not happy with my hair at the moment.. Ugh~~ I need a new hairstyle asap!!

Thanks for checking~



  1. The dotted poloshirt is so cute!!! <3 Good luck with the examns! :)

  2. Ah, such a nice haul! :D

    Good luck with your exams :)! Don't get lazy hahaha :P

  3. Good luck with those finals, I know you can do it!
    The mint colored shirt is so pretty, I'm liking fresh and popping colors more these days as it's getting really hot where I live ;A;

  4. Definitely want that mickey mouse shirt~ ;P

  5. @Judy: Thank you! I hope I'll manage~ And yeah I'm also totally into fresh, pastel-y colours at the moment~

    @Mie: Obviously! Everyone loves Mickey! XD

  6. So nice blog you have :D Love it that Mickey mouse became fashion <3

  7. Looks like you got some great things! I especially like the mint shirt and the polka dot one! The mint one might be good for color blocking, eh? :)