Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Hello there!

Last weekend I decided to take some dolly pics again since I felt sorry for neglecting them. The victim was Ayori! Ayori was my first BJD. She's a Tender Shall from Dream of Doll~ She can really pull of anything! I love the nostalgic and romantic look about her.
I might have to get a new wig for her though since the one she's currently wearing is getting kind of... unmanageable! And I also really need to get new dolly shoes!

She's wearing a vintage knit vest along with a pintuck-shirt I made.
The belt - actually a hairband - was made by my friend Irene!


I also have to save up to buy a new head for my Ariadoll Narvy! I swear she's got the nicest BJD body I've ever seen~ But where to get 150$ from without robbing a bank! (´_`。)
My BG Aurora is also in need of a makeover.

Thank you for reading,
let me know what you think!

Patrick 彡☆


  1. She's so lovely! The vest is so cute and perfectly to scale :)

  2. Aw thank you! Yeah I was so happy to get that vest. It belonged to one of my mom's dolls~

  3. Uh huh, she's really pretty Pacchan XD. And like Fairytale said, the vest is awesome! You really should consider setting up a small dolly shop in the future :)

  4. Thanks! I wish I'd have more time for sewing dolly stuff! ;o;