Sunday, 23 January 2011

Prom night

Hi there!
Yesterday we've had our prom night! Our theme was Circus, which I was really happy about. Something I was not really happy 'bout was our color concept. Emerald green, purple and creamy white? For a circus-themed prom?

Whatever.. I tried my best to design an appropriate outfit for myself though! I really liked the location though~ It was an old-school theater with red velvet curtains! (゚▽゚*)♪

Everything went well except for one thing. One of our cash registers was stolen. There were about 700€ - 1500€ inside.. ( ̄~ ̄;) The person shall burn in hell for that!!

Here are some pictures including me and my outfits! 八(^□^*)

My friend Jessi and me! (^_-)

Waiting for our guests to arrive! I'm dressed up as a popcorn seller~ ( ´∀`)

I guess all the stress and lack of sleep was worth it! It was a great evening~


  1. Prom at a theatre? AWESOME! I had mine at a pretty big cinema once XD, though Prom in England is a little different to yours :P. That sucks about the cash register getting stolen x.x

    Glad you had fun though :)


  2. die location passt voll zum thema :D
    das mit dem geld is ja mal ne ziemliche frechheit. ich hoffe für euch, dass es wie durch ein wunder wieder auftaucht :/

    die popcorn tüte aufm kopf is voll toll XDDD <3
    schöne outfits <3 schade, dass ich nicht dort sein konnte ;3;

  3. @Damien
    Thank you!

    Ja jeder ist total fertig wegen dem Geld ;w;
    Sie wird eher nicht mehr auftauchen.. :/

    Danke! ;3; Ja wäre echt cool gewesen, wenn du Zeit gehabt hättest. Doofes timing von unseren Maturaball-Komitees. ;3;