Sunday, 30 January 2011

Fanta and Alice~

Hello! (o*・ω・)ノ

Sorry this week was kind of busy.. I also couldn't really think of what to blog about~
Anyways since it's weekend, I knew I had to take some pictures of my Pullips again!
A friend helped me decide on which Pullips to photograph~ I ended up taking photos of Fanatica and Alice(Lan)!

For Fanatica I tried to get a glam-rock gyaru look.

Hairbow: Selfmade
Dress: Selfmade
Jacket: Brand New Purezza (Pullip)
Belt: Rida (Pullip)
Leggings: some ebay shop

And for Alice I tried to achive a Boho-Liz-Lisa-ish look.

Hairband: H&M
Dress: Selfmade
Skirt: Selfmade
Belt: Brand New Purezza (Pullip)

I claim copyright for the pictures.

It's really hard photographing two dolls at once to me! I was really scared one would knock over or something.. And I really feel sorry for neglecting my Pullips. (*´ο`*)=3

Thank you for watching and have a nice day!



  1. These 2 girls are so cute <3 <3 I love them both a lot, they look like good friends too~

  2. Thank you Irenie! <3 <3
    I'm so happy and thankful you sold Fana to me :D

  3. Oh wow, Pacchan has an Alice too? XDD. Those dresses are pretty well made, how long did that take you? o.o

  4. Well yeah I named her that. xD Cause of the blue eyes and blonde hair C: I made those some time ago and they're not that complex. xD I guess like 20 mins per dress the most? D:

  5. I love your Alice. Her hair is adorable here. You always had a great way of styling your girls from pullips to pinky!