Friday, 14 January 2011

On the spotlight: Two-tone hairstyles

Bonjour my dear readers~

Today, on the spotlight, are trendy two-tone hairstyles! It seems they are really popular with Gyaru and Lolita. Although it's been in for quite some time and is already getting old again. Trends come and go~

There are some really extreme examples of color mixtures. Though it seems like brown x blonde is one of the favored mixes. For OTT-Lolita it could be any color of the rainbow mixed with black, blonde or brown. But basically.. Any mix is possible! Two-tone hairstyles can either be acquired through wigs or hair dyeing.

There are also several western online shops where you can get two-tone wigs as many of the western Lolitas do. I personally prefer the dyed way.

So that's the main reason I'm posting this. I already have my appointment at the hair stylist's for tomorrow morning! My hair is a nice, dark, warm-ish brown at the moment and I'm going to get either blonde or light-brown highlights! I'm really excited~

Here are some pictures of two-tone hairstyles. Enjoy!

I don't claim copyright for any of the pictures.

I will post a pic of my new hair style tomorrow!

Thank you for reading,
Pacchan! p(*^-^*)q


  1. ach mann ich find so haare voll toll!
    (auch die bunten von VK!)
    hätte mir meine am liebsten auch schon iwie so gefärbt, aber ich glaub bei meinen locken sieht das dezent beschissen aus ._.;

    aber ich glaube, dir steht das gut!
    bin schon auf das ergebnis gespannt! >w<

  2. Aw! Naja du müsstest sie wahrscheinlich dann immer glätten. ;w; Sind deine Haare widerspenstig?
    Ich bin schon so nervös! Ich hoffe es schaut gut aus! x3

  3. Im excited to see your new hairstyle! 1st and third photo is my fave :D :D~

  4. immer glätten ginge schon, das hatte ich mal 1 jahr gemacht... aber jetzt fehlt mir einfach die zeit und lust dazu xD