Monday, 14 February 2011

Be my Valentine..

Hello my dear blog readers!

Today is Valentine's Day and I'm single just like every year.
Anyhow.. I wish you a wonderful day with your love!



  1. ur pic's so cute <3
    i wish u a happy valentines day too~

    When ur single ur really depressed cuz u got no one, but when u actually got a girl/boyfriend it's nothing special at all xD

    I'm alone too but hung out with my friends all day so nothing to be sad about right?

  2. Thank you! :3
    Yeah I guess. Everyone who's in a relationship says that. hehe~ I'm not sad either because I'm used to that anyways. XD Nothing to be sad about!

  3. ich habe den valentinstag erfolgreich übergangen! >D
    ne freundin hat das perfekt formuliert: "valentinstag für singles ist sowas wie muttertag für waise"