Friday, 4 February 2011

Sales hunting!!

Hey there~
Today afternoon I checked out all the close-by shops that were still on sale.
I managed to snatch a few really reasonably priced clothes!
I was especially happy about a certain pair of jeans. They're purple-ish jeans and I was about to buy them sometime before Christmas! Sadly I can only get nice basics around here. I tend to buy accessories like scarves at more exclusive shops.
Here's what I got today:

A grey-violet striped v-neck pullover for 6€ instead of 25€
A dark-grey-ish blazer with felt elbow patches for 20€ instead of 100€ (!!!)
The grey pair of jeans was 5€ instead of 20€ and the purple jeans were 4€ instead of 30€!
And I went to a kid's store too and got a Disney Princess gashapon!
I got Arielle the Mermaid! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

Thanks for reading and take care!

Patrick ☆ミ


  1. That sweater is really cute! I need to buy some for my boyfriend. It looks comfy.

  2. Thank you! It is really comfy :3 I love woolen garments~

  3. haha ich hab dornröschen! XD

    und die klamotten sind cool, ich mag den blazer igendwie *_*

  4. Yay! xP Ich wollte eigentlich Schneewittchen! Aber Arielle ist auch ganz cool :D