Friday, 11 February 2011

Week's summary..

Hello dear blog readers!

Sadly I've been seriously sick this week. I went to the doctor's on Tuesday and I got antibiotics because of my bad cold. I drank lots of tea and stayed at home. (*´ο`*)=3
When I felt better I tidyed a bit and rearranged my small cupboard where I store all the crafty stuff inside.
There's still a lot to put in but right now it ended up looking like this!

On Wednesday I had an appointment in Vienna that I had to attend even though I was sick. I was interviewing an Austrian designer for my school-project about "Fashion in Japan". I also took the rare opportunity to meet up with my friend Yuri! We went to a Japanese restaurant and had Onigiri and Matcha-Smoothies! (ノ´∀`*)ノ

On Thursday morning I didn't really feel that well either. I decided to stay at home until midday and go to school in the afternoon. When I got up I saw that a parcel had arrived! Deco-den and jewellry stuff!!~
Here's what I got:

I really love the lavender, blue and baby pink rhinestones! I can't wait to use them on something~~

After school some friends and I decided to have some cake in a nice café!
I got a strawberry-milkshake~ It was so yummy!

So that was pretty much the summary of my week!
There's still lots of stuff to do in this school term.. One more week to go until we got half-term vacations!

Take care of yourself and don't get sick! 八(^□^*)



  1. Aww, it's hard to find restaurants like that, closest we get here in London are Chinese. I've seen maybe one or two Japanese ones but they're so far away..:'(. Keep posting more XD

    Glad you're feeling better though Pacchan ^^

  2. That food looks really yummy!

    Hope you feel better!

  3. Hope your feeling better!
    The baby blue rhinestones are adorable and the matcha smoothies look super yummy :)

  4. those pastel pearls are so pretty, I've been eye-ing them as well *U*. Can't wait to see what you do with them! Feel better~~

  5. Aw thank all of you so much! (^▽^*)