Saturday, 5 March 2011

Busy week..

Hello there!

This week was kind of busy for me.. I had to do lots of school work and I had a school application interview on Wednesday. I'll get the results on the 9th..
But there's also been good things this week! Pokémon Black and White was released in Austria on Friday!! I've been looking forward to it for ages! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ
I don't really know what to think of some of the new Pokémon though.. A lot of them seem kinda odd.
My playing time is now 11 hours and I've seen 53 Pokémon. I've got 5/8 badges already and my current team is consisting of those:

It was nearly sold out in our local game's store around 10 am!

I also decided to post more personal things, like daily outfits. I don't really follow any style although I'm inspired by mostly Japanese styles.


Lots of Love,
Patrick ☆ミ


  1. Pacchan! Was wondering why I never see you online nowadays :P. Oh well, we'll catch up when I fix my PC sometime x.x is the new Pokemon? :O I don't think it's released yet and I'm thinking of getting the limited edition DSi, hmm o.o

    Good luck with your applications and update more! :)

  2. I'm excited about the bambi pokemon and seasonal changes! I haven't liked many of the newer pokemon for a while now, though :/

  3. the game looks really fun! Im waiting for my lil bro to go pick it up so I can play! xD

  4. Thank you all for the comments! Pokémon is so fascinating to me! Childhood memories <3