Sunday, 20 March 2011


Hey there!
This weekend was kind of.. unproductive! I slept the whole Friday. Played and finished Pokémon Black the whole Saturday and did school work the whole Sunday! (*´ο`*)=3

Although today I found some time to take photos of my Pullip Melody! She's a My Melody Pullip with new eyechips and a human hair wig! I got the wig for cheap on ebay ages ago~ I love the styling it! For todays shoot I curled it.

I tried to do some sort of fashion shooting. I want to give her new eyelashes soon!


Outfit rundown:
Blouse - Barbie
Dress(actually skirt) - Barbie
Belt - Pullip Rovam
Stockings - Pullip BNP
Boots - Pullip Nero
Handbag - Pullip BNP

Thank you for checking!

Patrick ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ


  1. Grats on finishing Pokemon! :) Give me and gerb your friend ID so we can battle / trade some time :O

    As for the pullip, I really like the outfit! ^^. The wig looks kinda messy I think, nowhere near as bad as my Alice though x.x

  2. I need to finish my Pokémon HeartGold before buing Black or White... XD

    Melody looks adorable, looks much better with these dark eyes compared to the original yellow ones... She looks so natural and cute here~ X3
    I need to 'shoot my Pullips again soon, been neglecting them for too long ^^;;

  3. Ohh, great outfit! I wish I looked like that, so kawaii, lol XD

  4. Yes ^_^ I am the real Kaizokumousy of Tales of Pirates-Penguin server :)

    It was the name that I decided to name on my blog as well :) I got interested to know you because you know me from the first game i ever played, does it mean you also played TOP-if yes please lets be friends hehe :))