Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Introducing Rosy

Helloo~ The BJD head I ordered finally arrived!
As I feared, I had to sand down the neck. I'm really happy with her! My Ariadoll Narvy has been sitting around in my shelf for almost a year. So glad I finally managed to get a nice head for this gorgeous body.

I was also afraid that the colours might not match. However, on pics the difference can't be seen! Yaaay~~ The faceup she recieved from supiadollz is really awesome! I love the style and it's so different to my other BJDs!~ I still need to think of a nice name for her.
As she's so different to my other BJDs, I'll have to sew new clothes for her! Looking forward to that!

Enjoy the photos!


I claim copyright for all the pictures.

Thanks for checking!

Pato ♪


  1. She's so beautiful, you're so lucky~
    ahhh..I wish I had enough time and money for new dollies, mine always lacked clothes. > < I miss collecting them T T

  2. wow she is damn good looking doll. Wanted to ask what circle lenses she's using but haha its impossible to have an answer..

    I could never invest on dolls, so I envy you guys for posting such pretty photos of your dolls <3

  3. She's so adorable and pretty! I wish I looked like that wtf whahahaha

  4. She's really pretty Pacchan ^^, but damn. She must've cost a lot :O

  5. Thank you all!

  6. She's beautiful! *o*
    And such a lovely wig with the side ponytail~

  7. Thank you! X3 I actually styled it that way! I love wig styling~

  8. she's so beautiful~

    may i ask how much they cost?

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  9. Thank you! She was about 500$ altogether.

  10. this doll is super nice and expression! it looks like she is alive.

  11. Wow so cute! ^-^ I like her hair!
    I would love to get a BJD, but damn there are so expensive T-T (I love them)
    I have a Dal at home and I like taking pic' of her =D
    btw you have a nice blog!

  12. Thank you Kimi, Ama and kaizokumousy!

    @Ama Maiden: That's so cool! I know I started out with Pinky Street > Pullip and Dal > BJDs! I hope that you'll one day get a BJD too though! :)

  13. Supia really does make some of the most lovely looking girl dolls out there. Oh it makes me a bit sad that I'm out of the BJD fandom TT

  14. Wow I can't believe you used to be a BJD fangirly? So cool! X3

  15. OMG this doll is so pretty *__*