Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Camwhoring and so on..

Hey there!
How are you doing? ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

Right now it's carnival-time here in Austria. Since I'm not so keen on getting drunk while being dressed up in a fancy outfit, I don't really participate. Although some of my classmates dressed up for school today and I thought I shouldn't let them down and wear something funny at least. In ended up wearing kitty ear clips!

Nyan nyan~ \(^▽^*) I know,.. kitty ears.. How cheesy!

I also wore the new tubescarf and necklace I bought some time ago! ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ

However, on Thursday I'm going to Vienna again! Another 40€ for the train ride.. ugh.. There's the open-day of the university I want to attend after this year! So I gotta prepare loads of questions about the application project! Tomorrow I'll also get informed about if I got accepted at my back-up plan school, which lasts one year and focuses on theatre-clothing. So nervous!!~

Some time ago I was chatting with my friend about circle lenses and that my circle lenses, some grey GEO ones, were too unnoticeable in my opinion. So she told me about the GEO Bambi Style lenses! I fell in love with them~ I ordered a pair in choco brown just a few days ago. Exciteeeed! Especially because they're 14,5 mm!~ Can't wait for them to arrive! Here's a picture of Tsubasa wearing them.

My plans for the weekend are to do some more deco stuff and jewellry again! I neglected it so much..

Thank you so much for checking my blog!

Lots of love,
Pato ☆ミ


    stop it -_-
    it burns my eyes XDXD

    anyway, I'm curious about those lenses! I've seen some pics girls rocking it and some girls not XD

  2. Awwee x3 Thank you very much! I'm flattered!
    Yeah! I will do a review about them! :D I'm so excited, really!

  3. XDDD Nice Cat Ears there Pacchan!

    You better show pics of those lenses though, I'm getting some soon and I need ideas on which ones to get! :O

  4. the cat ears look really cute! :3 and so does those circles! How do you like them? I haven't tried those specific ones yet but I'm looking to get some new pairs soon! :P

  5. I really like your face, very smooth hoho sorry I can't help but to notice ^---^ also you have child like features :P

    Yes they're the best lenses out there, I have a pair and tons love em!! <3

  6. Oh my goodness! You are so super cute!! >3<

    (Excuse me, I am sorry for intruding, but your blog is cute!)

  7. Eee! Thank you all so much! ;w; My face only seems so smooth thanks to the daylight though.. Dx