Saturday, 26 March 2011

Just a regular Saturday..

Hello there!

Today's just another regular Saturday filled with school work, camwhoring and blog surfing.
Yesterday I finally got around buying a pair of glasses. I was supposed to get a pair since before Christmas. (*´ο`*)=3 And I had a hard time choosing the right ones! However I'll be able to pick it up in 10-14 days. So when I got home I fell asleep really early!
Today I had to draw a pattern for my graduation project about Japanese fashion.

Later I'll have to finish some technical drawings and I'll have to paint my fashion sketches in Photoshop~ I'm designing a Lolita collection for the graduation project and I'm so unsure about the colour concept! (*´ο`*)=3 Here's an unfinished one.

Here's another pic of me camwhoring! I'm so unsure about my hair at the moment.. I think I want a new hairstyle soon. I wish they were slightly longer though.. Ugh.. (*´ο`*) I'm also on a diet again since Monday. I hope I can keep it up because I'm really unsatisfyed with my physique right now. I've lost about 15 kg since last summer and I want to lose another 15 kg so I can finally wear whatever I want and look good in it! (´。_。`)ゞ

And last but not least I want to share a really nice song from AILI's album「Future」 which I've been listening to up and down for weeks!

Thank you for checking my blog!

Pato ☆彡


  1. Heey Patrick! ^^ Thank you for the add, going to follow back .. kekeke~
    Congrats on loosing the 15 kg :O You are really amazing. Fighting on the last 15 ^O^/ yay

  2. es ist einfach so cool, dass du ne lolita collection als abschluss projekt machen kannst *_*
    das musst du mir dann zeige, ja~ >w<?

    congrats zu den 15kg!! um soviel abzunehmen, braucht man bestimmt viel selbstbeherrschung OwO

  3. @Maria May: Thank you for following back, too!
    @Momo: Jaa! *__* Aber ich kämpfe grad ziemlich mit den Entwürfen..

  4. Wow, congrats on losing 15kg! Omg you want to lose another 15 kg :o? That's like.. me in total (yeh i'm duh small, 146cm only wtf)! Anyway, we will support you ^^! P-chan hwaiting!

    As for your lolita collection, maybe you should go for something more oriental? Like a silky fabric with delicate flowers? Lolita clothes are so hard to make (and very tacky too), so I admire your courage XD But I'm sure you will succeed ! :D